Him Vishnudatt

CEO Caleido Zorg

Him Vishnudatt has an extensive track record in the healthcare sector. He is the CEO of Caleido Zorg, a member of the board at Zilveren Kruis, and the Chairman of the Board at Parento Home Care. From his position at Caleido Zorg, he was a driving force behind the collaboration with Hawking Healthcare.

How does Caleido Zorg utilise CareOS?

Caleido uses HoneyGrid and Discovery. HoneyGrid supports our colleagues in assessing what is going well for individuals and what is not. It is an innovative program that is highly future-oriented and has been developed creatively. It aids in looking at health post-diagnosis instead of solely focusing on disease through a medical model. HoneyGrid helps us establish the mental health status of those referred for complaints.

HoneyGrid provides an excellent solution, even in the preliminary phase. So, before someone enters the mental health care system (GGZ), they can assess what is going well and what is going less well in their life and how we can best support them.

Once the individual enters our specialised mental health services (sGGZ) for outpatient treatment, we can smartly utilise the information during the process. Multidisciplinary team meetings (MDOs), essential consultations between clinicians, can be efficiently organised using this information. Someone with questions about a particular client can indicate this in the file. I encountered this; I would like to discuss this with the team. Linking all the streams of information is facilitated by Discovery.

What is it like working with CareOS?

Discovery and HoneyGrid are very user-friendly. The programs are well-organised and easy to work with. We are currently in the implementation phase. Once completed, this will save about an hour of administrative time per clinician. When you calculate what can be done in that time, you can treat more people with complaints. Hawking's approach is about more than just increasing productivity; it is about allocating your time more efficiently. Their software supports this, meaning less time for bureaucracy and more time for patient care.

"It ensures that you get a much more customised profile of complaints, but definitely also a profile of strengths."

When you delve deeper into CareOS, it revolves around the question, "How can we make our care more sustainable?" It aids in maintaining individuals free from complaints over an extended period. This maintenance doesn't have to occur solely within specialised mental health services (sGGZ) or general mental health care (GGZ) but can also occur within the social domain. People can be effectively assisted with mental health issues that don't necessarily require addressing within the GGZ framework.

Regarding sustainability, this means being able to listen carefully to what the person's real question or issue is. It involves moving away from simply using a test or a specific diagnostic approach to determine what's wrong with someone quickly and then applying an extensive treatment protocol. We aim to move beyond that approach. Discovery assists us in clarifying an individual's questions or concerns. It ensures a more customised profile of complaints and, importantly, a profile of strengths. This approach focuses on empowerment and recovery-oriented perspectives towards clients.

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