Campfire is a mobile application meticulously crafted for one of our clients. It was developed in collaboration with individuals who have undergone clinical treatment for mental health, addiction, or behavioural issues. Campfire offers a beautifully designed online self-help environment. Join our supportive and compassionate community on the path to recovery and healing.

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"For fellows, with fellows."

Campfire is a platform that enables clients and fellows to connect with individuals who have undergone similar experiences. Through the app, they can offer mutual support as they navigate their paths to recovery. With Campfire, clients can share their personal stories, extend assistance to others, and give back the support they received during their treatment journey.

The app facilitates users in expressing their current emotions and recounting their experiences through spoken messages. This fosters an intimate and secure environment, strongly emphasising safety and trust within the community of peers.

Key Features

Fellowship: an extensive network of like-minded individuals

Campfire distinguishes itself by offering a vast network of like-minded individuals, known as fellows. This community allows fellows to connect with others who have gone through similar life experiences. Such connections are invaluable to many, as they offer a sense of recognition, understanding, and solidarity when individuals feel isolated or misunderstood.

Personal support

When seeking support, sincerity, honesty, warmth, and a caring approach are crucial factors, as well as recognition and being confronted at the right moment. Campfire understands this and enables users to find someone who genuinely understands and recognises their situation. Through this matching form, Campfire members can establish meaningful connections and find support that aligns with their unique needs.

Share and help others

In addition to seeking support, Campfire also encourages users to share their own stories and experiences. This can be therapeutic for the storyteller and valuable for other community members. This mutual giving and receiving strengthens the bonds within the community and creates a positive cycle of support.

Expansion of aftercare

Organisations focusing on well-being and healthcare can integrate Campfire to complement their aftercare programs. By offering this app, the support received by patients or clients is extended, making aftercare more effective and better addressing the diverse needs of individuals.

User-friendly interface

Campfire is designed with the user in mind. The intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that even those with limited technical skills can easily navigate, connect, and engage with the community. This ease of use lowers the barrier to participation and enhances the overall experience.

Powerful design

Design is a crucial aspect of the user experience. Campfire excels in this aspect with a beautiful, organised design developed with input from the app's users. The visual presentation provides a comfortable and inviting environment where users feel welcome and at ease, contributing to a more positive interaction and connection within the community.

Developed in collaboration with the field

Hawking Healthcare Technology is part of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group. This allows us to develop new applications in collaboration with psychiatrists, clinical and GZ psychologists, orthopedagogues, expert-by=experience counsellors, coaches, and nurses. The developed software can be quickly tested in practice and adapted to the users' preferences.


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