Analytica (currently in its beta phase) is a powerful software application designed for government agencies and healthcare insurers. It provides a comprehensive and real-time insight into the effectiveness of mental healthcare, youth care, and disability care.

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Real-time insight into effectiveness

Analytica is a powerful software application designed for government institutions and health insurers. It provides complete and real-time insight into the effectiveness of purchased mental healthcare, youth care, and care for people with disabilities. Our slogan, "structured data for sustainable healthcare," reflects our dedication to improving the health and well-being of individuals by providing data-driven solutions.

With Analytica, you can easily compare the results of different healthcare organisations and determine which ones yield the most efficient outcomes. Our platform integrates public data, data shared by healthcare providers, voluntarily shared data by clients, and claims data shared by health insurers and government institutions to provide a comprehensive overview of healthcare services.

The key features of Analytica

Analytica is the perfect solution for government institutions and health insurers looking to improve the effectiveness of their health services. Our platform provides a structured, data-driven approach to healthcare, making it easier to compare results and identify which services offer the most efficient outcomes. Join our mission today and elevate your health services to the next level.

Additional features of Analytica

Real-time monitoring

Analytica enables healthcare organisations, insurers, and (local) governments to monitor health providers in real time. This ensures that professionals are constantly updated with the latest developments and results and can respond immediately to changing situations.

Predictive analytics

By utilising predictive analytics, Analytica offers a glimpse into the future. The platform generates insights about future trends, enabling you to proactively make informed decisions that stay one step ahead of tomorrow's healthcare needs.

Collaboration tools

Effective collaboration is essential in healthcare, and Analytica's integrated tools enable departments and teams to work together seamlessly, resulting in improved quality of service and greater consistency in care processes.

Advanced data visualisation

Making data understandable and insightful can be challenging. Analytica's advanced data visualisation tools allow users to interpret complex data, enabling quicker and better-informed decisions efficiently.

Integration with complementary systems

Analytica is not a stand-alone application. By integrating with other systems, such as electronic health records, the platform provides a holistic overview of healthcare providers, giving healthcare professionals, insurers, and governments a complete picture of an organisation and the quality of treatments.

Mobile access

Healthcare isn't confined within the four walls of an institution. With Analytica's mobile accessibility, software users remain informed and up-to-date anywhere and anytime, ensuring a continuous workflow, even on the go.

Customisable dashboards

Every healthcare professional has unique information needs. With customisable dashboards in Analytica, users gain immediate access to the specific information they require most, enhancing the efficiency and speed of decision-making.

Alerts and notifications

Changes can occur at any moment. Thanks to Analytica's alerts and notifications, users are immediately informed of significant developments, enabling them to act proactively.

Powerful reporting

Understanding healthcare processes and outcomes is crucial for continuous improvement. With Analytica's comprehensive reporting capabilities, organisations can create and share detailed reports, contributing to more excellent knowledge of healthcare organisations and improved planning.

Multilingual support

Analytica supports multiple languages, allowing users to work in their language. This enhances the platform's accessibility and user-friendliness, ensuring language barriers do not hinder efficient utilisation.

Developed in collaboration with the field

Hawking Healthcare Technology is a part of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group, allowing us to develop new applications in collaboration with psychiatrists, clinical and GZ psychologists, orthopedagogues, expert-by-experience counsellors, coaches, and nurses. The developed software can be swiftly tested in practice and adapted to meet the users' needs.


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