With Discovery, the registration time for clinical, outpatient, and online treatments is cut in two. It is one of the world's most intelligent and user-friendly registration systems, and much more than that. Feeding Discovery with information from clients and healthcare professionals provides insight into the effectiveness of the treatment on an individual and group level.

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A 50 percent shorter registration time

Discovery, a part of our CareOS, reduces the registration time for clinical and outpatient treatments by more than half. However, besides time savings, Discovery provides greater insight into treatment effectiveness and safety within healthcare institutions. Feeding Discovery with information from healthcare professionals and clients can generate future scenarios quickly, allowing your staff to intervene early and adjust treatments accordingly.

Designed for your needs

Discovery is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals, providing the information you need to make informed decisions and improve healthcare. Whether you are a psychologist, group worker, peer specialist, psychiatrist, nurse, or youth coach, Discovery is designed to meet your needs and those of your organisation.

Key features of Discovery

Other benefits

Customisable dashboards

Customisable dashboards allow healthcare professionals to select the data they want to see and how it is presented. This makes it easier to track clients' progress and compare the results of different treatments. As a result, healthcare providers can make better decisions tailored to each client's individual needs.

Stein Borger

Teamcaptain coaches at Yes We Can Clinics

"Discovery is the difference between being able to sleep at 11:30 in the evening instead of 1 o'clock at night.

Secure data storage

The privacy and security of patient data are of utmost importance. With advanced security measures, Hawking ensures that all data is securely stored. This includes protection against external threats such as cyberattacks and internal errors or accidental leaks. Storing patient data securely ensures patient trust and compliance with all legal and ethical standards.

Integration with other healthcare systems

Discovery's ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems, such as electronic health records, ensures a streamlined and coordinated healthcare experience. Connecting systems allow relevant information to be easily exchanged among healthcare providers, leading to better outcomes for clients, fellows, and residents.

Mobile access

With a mobile-friendly interface, Discovery allows healthcare colleagues to access client data, view updates, and make decisions from any device at any time. This enables a flexible and responsive healthcare approach, leading to better and more efficient assistance for clients.

Automatic reminders

By automating reminders for appointments and follow-ups, Discovery ensures that healthcare providers and clients are informed about important appointments. This reduces the risk of missed appointments and provides a smooth progression of care.

Advanced patient matching

Finding the proper healthcare organisation for a client can be a challenge. With Discovery's advanced client matching system, clients can be easily matched with treatments that best suit their specific needs and preferences. This increases client satisfaction, effective care, and long-term healthcare outcomes.


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