Member of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group

Hawking is an indispensable part of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group. Every organisation within our Yes We Can family has distinctive values and approaches. However, more than 500 professionals work towards the same goal: providing the most effective and efficient care and technology. We do this for tens of thousands of families and dozens of organisations worldwide.

With clinical and outpatient treatment, supported living, and healthcare technology, the Yes We Can Healthcare Group serves the entire world: from young to old, from individuals to families, from prevention to aftercare, from colleague organisations to (Dutch and International) government organisations.

Hawking's mission

Hawking is not just a tech company. We originated from a collaboration between innovative healthcare specialists and fintech experts who chose not to spend their lives in the financial industry but to dedicate their time and expertise to people's health. People who rely on healthcare and all the healthcare professionals who have to give their all every day.

Hawking's design principles

At Hawking, we have four design principles that characterise where we dedicate all our attention:

  1. The software we develop must save organisations time: If it doesn't, the application is not worth it.
  2. The software we develop must be affordable: If not, it's unsuitable for healthcare.
  3. The software we build must be unique: If affordable alternatives exist, we encourage their use or integrate them into our solutions.
  4. The software we build must be intuitive, beautiful, and user-friendly: If not, it's not worth building.

CareOS by Hawking

CareOS is the culmination of our mission and design principles at Hawking Healthcare Technology.

Hawking develops software with CareOS to address significant challenges in mental health, youth care, disability care, healthcare insurance, and government organisations worldwide.

Our applications are designed to make treatments more efficient, exceptionally transparent, and 100% transparent. We achieve this through a modern user interface, artificial intelligence, and intuitive applications. Hawking Healthcare Technology's tools provide insights into the safety and effectiveness of a wide range of treatment programs.

Based on the data generated by our applications, optimising existing treatments becomes more accessible and more results-oriented. Combining data and intelligent technology (artificial intelligence) enables healthcare providers to develop hyper-personalised treatments and predictions for their clients.

Furthermore, real-time and real-world dashboards offer complete transparency to insurers and governments about the effectiveness of treatments. This enables more intelligent procurement, leading to significant reductions in healthcare costs.

With our software suite, CareOS, which includes Discovery, HoneyGrid™, Analytica (Beta), Quest, and Campfire, we aim to assist our healthcare colleagues in delivering the best treatments.

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Please get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about our mission, technology, or how Hawking can assist your organisation. Call us at +31 (0)85 076 3000 or use our contact form.

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