Quest offers the ability to conduct digital, structured surveys with clients, which can then be utilised as actionable insights in Discovery. Healthcare providers can hold these surveys before, during, and after clinical or outpatient treatment.

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Scientific research made easy

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, Hawking introduces the innovative module "Quest." Quest is a revolutionary tool specifically designed to reshape the landscape of medical questionnaires. With Quest, administering questionnaires within healthcare organisations becomes exceptionally user-friendly and highly effective.

Quest serves a dual purpose: supporting scientific research and precisely measuring crucial aspects such as treatment effectiveness, patient satisfaction and recovery levels.

Key features of Quest

Other benefits

Comprehensive insight

The power of Quest lies in its seamless integration with our advanced CareOS platform. This synergy enables healthcare providers to gather real-time feedback, creating a 360-degree view of the patient experience. This offers unprecedented opportunities for patients and healthcare professionals to enhance the quality of care.

At Yes We Can Clinics, for example, the living climate survey conducted by Leiden University of Applied Sciences is administered through Quest, and this information is then combined with daily reports from healthcare professionals in Discovery. This example demonstrates how these combined insights result in informative dashboards about treatment effectiveness and the experiences of groups and individual clients. It also provides the opportunity to build structured data that contributes to the development of algorithms.

Humanising data

Quest is more than just a tool; it enhances healthcare by bringing together data and human experiences to shape the future of healthcare. With Quest, we take a significant step forward in our mission to improve healthcare through the power of data-driven technologies.


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