"Working with data might seem complex, but you just have to get started."

11 Apr 2024 - news

Johan Linssen (COO of Yes We Can Healthcare Group) and Kees Haverkamp (CTO of Yes We Can Healthcare Group and Hawking) were interviewed for Berenschot's inspiration magazine. Together, they discuss how Hawking's applications have led to a significant transformation within Yes We Can Clinics, the youth clinic for individuals aged 13 to 27 with mental health issues, addictions, and behavioural problems. The main conclusion? You just have to get started!

Kees explains how the Hawking team investigated ways to reduce the administrative burden on coaches, counsellors, psychiatrists, and practitioners within Yes We Can. By observing carefully and asking relevant questions, the groundwork was laid for Discovery. This application ensures that every care professional at Yes We Can Clinics saves hours of work each day. Moreover, the data generated from the system provides relevant analyses and insights, making better care outcomes a reality.

Johan discusses the importance of working with people from the field in an iterative way. "We didn't start with large steering groups and projects. Instead, we focus on a small number of individuals who can make decisions and are close to the practice. That works."

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