Hawking and Tenzinger are collaborating closely to ensure seamless integration of Medicore and Discovery

13 Jun 2023 - news

Hawking Healthcare Technology and Tenzinger are intensively collaborating and becoming preferred partners. With this collaboration, we are ushering in a completely new future in the Netherlands, combining a trusted ECD with highly user-friendly and effective healthcare technology.

Healthcare professionals can save time, gain deeper insights, and work more comfortably with the unique combination of Discovery from Hawking and the Medicore ECD from Tenzinger.

Discovery: the intelligent and user-friendly interface for healthcare professionals

Hawking Healthcare Technology, a part of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group, develops intelligent software for mental healthcare, youth care, and health insurers. With the CareOS suite, where Discovery is the most prominent component, Hawking delivers data-driven, highly user-friendly, and time-saving technology for healthcare professionals in mental healthcare and youth care. With Discovery, the registration time for healthcare treatments for various professions is more than halved. Furthermore, Discovery offers predictive and shareable algorithms that provide deep (real-time) insights into the effectiveness of treatments at the individual and group levels by integrating information from clients and healthcare professionals. This enables healthcare professionals to make informed decisions, gain insights into what constitutes good care, and improve client care.

Discovery and other components of CareOS are developed by Hawking Healthcare Technology in collaboration with hundreds of healthcare professionals working in the clinics of Yes We Can Clinics, which has been providing highly effective and efficient assistance to young people and young adults with mental health issues, addictions, and behavioral problems for over 12 years.

Medicore: A solid backbone and billing certainty

Yes We Can Clinics has been using the Medicore ECD from Tenzinger since its inception; a leading ECD for mental healthcare and youth care known for its quality in planning activities and processing and billing delivered care. Due to these qualities, the development of Discovery immediately took into account integration with the Medicore ECD, bringing together the best of both systems while seamlessly merging for the user.

The best of both worlds

Medicore Director Siep Kosse can hardly contain his enthusiasm. "Hawking Healthcare Technology was truly created from the perspective of the healthcare provider, which is fantastic! The combination of the Medicore ECD with Hawking Healthcare Technology is the best of both worlds for our clients. Discovery and Medicore's technologies seamlessly integrate thanks to Medicore's API platform, providing the perfect user experience."

Johan Linssen, COO of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group, adds: "With the collaboration between Medicore's solid backbone and Discovery's innovative technology, we are entering a completely new future in healthcare. This collaboration can completely transform mental healthcare and youth care."

More time for care

Thanks to the seamless integration of Discovery with Medicore via the API platform, healthcare professionals get a very user-friendly, data-driven, and time-saving interface for easy treatment and registration. At the same time, they also receive a wealth of information, such as signals and insights, combined with the robust SaaS back office and API integration of Medicore. By using Discovery, all employees can work more efficiently and effectively, allowing for more time and attention to focus on what truly matters: the client.